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Get Venetian Blinds in Melbourne for Cheap!

Wood Blinds are definitely your ultimate natural and elegant touch for all interiors. We offer a satisfying interior solution by custom making them right for you.

Both practical, stylish and timeless venetian blinds are popular window covers in both formal and casual environments. Popularised throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, this style of blind is easily moved and manipulated by two cords, one controlling the angle of the horizontal slats and the other raising and lowering them.

The ability to control the how much light is let in with venetians make them a popular choice in Melbourne. Prominent in office and commercial buildings, these venetians are a cheap and stylish way to cover windows. Plus with their ability to regulate light and air, they are highly practical in business environments.

At our store, you get to pick from:

  • Aluminium 25mm SLAT;
  • Timber / PVC Venetians 50mm SLAT.

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