Discover The Versatility of Roller Blinds in Your Melbourne Home

These versatile window shades are available in many materials, colours and patterns, so you can match room decor and control lighting and heat as needed. They provide you with a wide range of choices when you need to add a burst of colour to your interiors. Our options come with sophisticated and clean designs that give them both classic and modern appeal.

Styles to choose from:

  • Sunscreen
  • Light filtering
  • Blockout
  • Double/dual


The density and colour of your window shades will help with light control and can add insulation to drafty windows. Our range offers unmatched flexibility compared to other suppliers in Melbourne. The wide range of fabric you can choose from offers energy-saving solutions to block out the sun's glare or UV rays. You can even choose fabrics made of darker shades if you want complete privacy for your home.

Roller blinds combine form and function with blockout, dual and sunscreen options

Our popular fabric covered blockout roller blinds are heavy duty and high quality. These window coverings are easy to operate. You can ask our store to customise your coverings based on the operating mechanism you want, whether chain drive or spring assisted. You don’t have to reach high to draw or close these shades.

We also offer dual or double roller blinds in Melbourne. You only need to wipe the fabric with a clean rug to get rid of dust or dirt. They are also durable and can last a long time if given proper care. 

A commitment to providing Melbourne with affordable blinds and window furnishings

Our range is available at affordable rates — just tell us what you need, and we'll be more than glad to give you a free quote and measurement for your window covering anywhere in the Melbourne area.

Your choice in window covering will determine the overall style of the space. Whether you wish to install sunscreen roller blinds in your Melbourne home for a practical option or a product designed to simply filter the light, we have the right options for you.

The density and colour of your purchase will help with light control and can add insulation to drafty windows. Our popular fabric covered products are heavy duty and high quality.