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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are the only window treatment to actually increase the value of your home — you can consider them as an asset if you're planning to sell your home in the future. Upgrading your home with these timber window shutters in Melbourne gives your house more benefits than you might think.

Handmade from top quality hardwoods and either stained or painted in a popular collection of soft neutral colours, our range of Plantation Shutters will look fantastic in your home. Our plantation shutters in Melbourne are designed to show the best of your home's aesthetics. They come with sophistication that can match other indoor shutter blinds in Melbourne.

Our shutters feature sub-divided sections to cover the entire window. The sections come with individual operating mechanisms to open or close the blinds easily. They are perfect if total light control is your main concern.

Our plantation shutters do not only provide excellent aesthetics and light control, but they also offer superior noise control and insulation. The hardwoods provide an extra layer to keep your home's interior warm — you can also open the shutters fully whenever you need to let fresh air in the room. The custom-made window covers also help block outside noise, giving you the peace you need for home.

Our shutters also come with a range of features:

  •  Each shutter is custom hand crafted based on the largest manufacturer of window coverings;
  •  Corrosion Resistant- will not rust;
  •  Available in Basswood, PVC;
  •  5 Years Warranty with first 3 years fully covered.