Benefits Of Commercial Retractable Awnings

Awnings are one of the most proffered solutions when it comes to protection from the sun and its rays. Most of the commercial buildings these days like to opt for retractable awnings that will give them as well as their customers’ protection from the sun. As they are very durable, energy efficient and affordable you will find retractable awnings fixed in small and medium sized grocery stores, cake shops, fish stores, departmental stores, etc. The visitors and passers-by will enjoy a pleasant feeling standing in front of your commercial building or store under the awnings. 

Earlier fixed awning systems were the most commonly used awnings in commercial spaces. But, once retractable awnings came into the market they started to gain popularity and now they are most preferred by commercial businesses. The following are the benefits that you and your business will get when you opt for retractable awnings and not the traditional ones.  

Long lasting
The fixed awnings will last only for about 5 years as they are under the constant exposure to varying weather conditions. They are always exposed to sun, rain, wind and snow and this exposure will cause the awning fabric to fade and tear off easily. There is a huge advantage when you use retractable awnings. The fabric can be protected from the vagaries of weather. You can extend it and fold it back at will and with motors and sensors on offer, the awnings can automatically close in severe weather conditions. You have the option to retract the awnings when the weather outside is good. The lifetime of the fabric of the retractable awning is about 15 years. There are certain heavy duty retractable awnings offered with warranties up to 25 years. The motors of these awnings come with 5 year warranty. 

Reduced installation costs
The retractable awnings offer its users certain financial benefits as well over the fixed awnings. The installation cost of the fixed awnings is more than the retractable ones. You do not need a contractor to carry our installation of retractable awnings. Also, it just costs one third of the fixed awnings and both offer more or less the same square foot coverage. Most of the retractable ones are spring loaded and hence you do not need to install support posts. With no posts, there will no blocking of the view from under the awning. There is no threat for children and pets when they are standing under the retractable awnings. They do not any maintenance at all.